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Newton Learning Center, LTD
Our toddler room is set up to provide a stimulating place for both play and learning experiences.
We offer small group settings to encourage children to feel comfortable with their surroundings before gradually introducing them to larger groups
Our program offers many learning experiences for your child.  We incorporate music and movement into our daily schedule as well as story time and plenty of chances to get “messy”.
31 South Main Street.
PO Box 376
Newton, NH 03858
603 382 3333
Toddler 1 & 2 Programs
 Our toddler programs at Newton Learning Center, Ltd. offer care for children aged 12 - 24 and 24 - 36 months .  Your child will receive a personal daily gram which outlines his/her day and informs you of our day’s activities.  This communication between school and home is essential in providing parents a way to actively engage in the day’s activities with their often non-verbal toddler.  The toddlers go out twice a day, weather permitting, and our large, fenced-in outdoor play area encourages little ones to develop their large motor skills without being intimidated by the bigger children.
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