Getting Started: How to Create a Shared Google Calendar

Creating a shared Google calendar can be a great way to stay organized and collaborate with friends, family, or colleagues. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps to create a shared Google calendar and share it with others.


Google Calendar is a versatile tool that allows you to create multiple calendars, events, and reminders. By sharing a calendar with others, you can easily coordinate schedules, plan events, and stay on the same page. Follow along as we guide you through the process of creating a shared Google calendar.

Step 1: Creating a New Calendar

The first step in creating a shared Google calendar is to create a new calendar. To do this, log in to your Google account and navigate to Google Calendar. In the left sidebar, click on the “+” icon next to “Other calendars” and select “Create new calendar.” Enter a name for your new calendar, select a time zone, and click “Create calendar.”

Step 2: Adding Events to Your Calendar

Once you have created your new calendar, you can start adding events. Click on the date and time you want to add an event, enter the event details, and click “Save.” You can also set reminders, invite guests, and add notes to your events. Repeat this process for all the events you want to add to your calendar.

Step 3: Sharing Your Calendar

Now that you have created and populated your calendar with events, it’s time to share it with others. To do this, click on the three dots next to your calendar’s name and select “Settings and sharing.” Under “Share with specific people,” enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to share the calendar with. Choose their permissions (e.g., make changes, view only) and click “Send.”

Step 4: Collaborating on Your Calendar

Once you have shared your calendar, the recipients will receive an email invitation to view or edit the calendar. They can then accept the invitation and start collaborating on the calendar with you. You can see each other’s events, make changes, and communicate through event notes. This collaborative feature can help you stay organized and in sync with your team.


Creating a shared Google calendar is a simple yet powerful way to stay organized and collaborate with others. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can create a shared calendar, add events, share it with others, and start collaborating. Whether you are planning a family vacation, coordinating a team project, or organizing a social event, a shared Google calendar can help you stay on track.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in creating a shared Google calendar. Have you used a shared calendar before? What tips do you have for staying organized? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your experiences!

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