The Ultimate Guide to Filling Out Postcards


Postcards are a timeless way to send a quick message to friends and family, or to promote your business. However, filling out a postcard may seem simple, but there are some key things to consider to ensure your message is received clearly and effectively. In this ultimate guide, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you fill out postcards like a pro.

Choosing the Right Postcard

Before you start filling out your postcard, it’s important to choose the right one for the occasion. Consider the size, design, and message you want to convey. Whether you’re sending a postcard for a holiday greeting or a marketing campaign, make sure the postcard aligns with your purpose.

Writing Your Message

When it comes to writing your message on a postcard, less is more. Keep your message concise and to the point, as postcards have limited space for writing. Include a friendly greeting, the main message, and a closing remark. Make sure your handwriting is neat and legible to ensure your message is easily understood.

Addressing the Postcard

Properly addressing a postcard is essential to ensure it reaches its intended recipient. Write the recipient’s name and address on the right side of the postcard, leaving enough space for the postage stamp on the top right corner. Make sure to include the correct postal code and country to avoid any delays in delivery.

Adding a Personal Touch

One way to make your postcard stand out is by adding a personal touch. Include a handwritten note, a doodle, or a sticker to make your postcard more memorable. Personalizing your postcard shows that you took the time and effort to send a thoughtful message, making it more meaningful to the recipient.


Filling out postcards can be a fun and creative way to send a message to your loved ones or promote your business. By following the tips provided in this ultimate guide, you can ensure that your postcards are well-received and make a lasting impression. So, grab a postcard and start filling it out today!

We hope you found this ultimate guide helpful! Have you ever sent a postcard before? Share your experience in the comments below.

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